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Meet The Team


Hello, I'm Sian and am the founder of Habitat Joy. 

I came across this business after many twists and turns that life throws at you but when I started helping people in cluttered homes it was like big neon lights pointing going "this is it!" and from there Habitat Joy was born.

I have trained with all the leading charities that help people with hoarding disorder and can put my hand on my heart when I say I learn from every client. 

My favourite part of the job is showing kindness to our clients, putting them at ease as soon as I can, it's usually by making a joke but I always want them to know that there is absolutely no judgement here. 


Hia I'm Michelle and one of those people that you can show or tell me anything and it won't shock me! 

I understand it is a massive trust factor in to being let into a home that you are embarrassed or worried about.


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