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We have the utmost respect for each and every single client and their privacy.

We understand that the matter of hoarding and the steps taken to seek help for this problem is a journey that our clients can sometimes want to keep private.

Habitat Joy work closely with clients interacting with them through the clean up process and ensuring that they are comfortable the entire time we are performing the remediation process.

When working with a client with hoarding issues the process can be done over a several weeks, or even several months, the timescale is not the  priority, the trust and the realistic achievable goals are the focus of the sessions .

Our team respect the emotional state of our client. 

We will custom a plan depending on their level of stress, anxiety and other emotions. Through our experience and by attending to the emotional and psychological side of hoarding we recognise that the process is one that can be stressful and overwhelming – we will do everything within our power to not add to the stress that is already there. We constantly monitor our customers to keep them in their comfort zone during the entire clean up. We encourage the hoarder to be part of the clean up the alleviate any concerns.


The team are always being updated with the latest training courses, we have trained with Hoarding Uk, Hoarding Disorders Uk and Clouds End CIC. 

People that suffer with hoarding can’t be helped by following a template they have thier own personal road map, and this is why we start out fresh with each customer, learning everything about them, where they have been and what they want for their future. 

We have an aftercare programme to help prevent relapsing, it is simple, yet effective to prevent our customer to returning to old habits.

If you or a loved one needs help decluttering, you have found HABITAT JOY that will do so with compassion, empathy and that is entirely free of judgement. Trust and allow us to what we do best – restoring homes and lives.

Hoarding Services Include

  • Free initial consultation

  • Email and phone support

  • Regular updates to service that referred client

  • Documenting visits to encourage and motivate clients with all that has been achieved. 

  • Taking away charity donations at the end of session

  • Waste Disposal can be arranged at extra cost

  • Deep cleaning/Gross filth

  • Free Support Group 

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