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Hands-on help & Freshen Up

Sometimes we look around the house and just don't know where to start! We become clutter blind to what is around us and jobs being put off because we have busy lives and who on earth wants to spend the evenings or weekends sorting out whats junk, charity and what we really do need and how we use our homes. 

A fresh pair of eyes and a team that know what they are doing can be the answer to your looking for. 

We offer one a one off deep cleaning service, we also have DBS checked staff that offer regular domestic cleans that will help with tasks such as bed making and other chores that need to be done. 

A good sort and a good clean to get the house back in order is a service we provide. It can be broken down over the space of a few weeks, done room by room not to overwhelm you and your families’ space.

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