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Welcome to Habitat Joy - Learn more about me and my 'why'

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

The first thing I'm going to do to make sure you've got a realistic vision of me is to let you in on a little secret...

My house is rarely spotless!

... very rarely, actually!

I keep on top of the house work usually on a Friday when I look at the tornado that has been created through the week! I think it's important that you know that I am nothing like these people on social media and on TV programmes that have labels for their washing tablets and all that - I’d love to have the patience, but I’m usually busy scratching my head as to why Ryan put the muddy washing on floor in front of the machine! The boy is a whizz on the computer but can't work a washing machine door.

This leads me nicely into introducing Ryan, my 14 year old son, who because he is bigger than me, thinks he is funnier - he's not although he does have massive clown feet! I keep falling over his massive bloody shoes because he leaves them everywhere. My neighbours probably think I have Tourette's when I shout at him! He just rolls his eyes at me and says 'quiet Sian!' it's his sense of humour - He's a good boy and a good laugh when he's not annoying me!

I rent my house, and it's alright. It needs a lot of work done to it, but why do up a rented home, right?

Onto my wonderful man, Erik, who I am marrying ASAP. We plan to go away together, just the two of us. Thanks to Covid, who knows when that will be, but I'm just hoping it's soon because he's my dream come true!

And last but not certainly not least, my cockapoo, Percy, who can do NO wrong!

Over the last two years, I've had ideas here and there about building Habitat Joy, but one day, the vision finally clicked, and it was as if there were flashing neon lights saying 'YES, THAT'S IT', and I finally saw exactly how I would be able to help people who suffer with hoarding. Once I saw the neon lights, there was no stopping me, and Habitat Joy was born!

Getting to know me (more!)

In my life so far, I have...

  • ... made mistakes (haven't we all?)

  • ... been a single mother

  • ... been a party goer (and dealt with all of the cr*p that came with that)

  • ... experienced domestic violence

  • ... had my heart broken

  • ... broken someone else's heart

  • ... been through family members making mistakes and dealt with the backlash

  • ... suffered with depression

  • ... dealt with anxiety since coming out of lockdown life, about things I never thought I would have been anxious about

Why am I telling you all of this?

... because all of this has made me who I am, and that is a person who never judges anyone, ever.

We all spend way too much time scrolling on our phones, comparing ourselves to others, and believing that they have the perfect life. From my experience working with clients, I can tell you that life often isn't as fun as the posts that they share. Some people are living in poor conditions due to their mental or physical health that you just don't see on sunny social media. These people need support, which thankfully is becoming more easily accessible now that awareness is being raised for people who suffer with hoarding disorders.

It's incredibly important to note that these people are not dirty, lazy and rude when they turn down your offers to clear out for them. They need a different approach - maybe more - before any resolutions start to pick away at the mountains of their belongings

One of the most important things I've realised on my journey is that there is no other illness that can literally make people homeless. When tenants and home owners are threatened with being evicted because their houses are unsanitary and unsafe, what next? The problem doesn't go away. The person may have their belongings taken off them against their will, and will likely fill up their property again in a few weeks, maybe even more extremely than before. I have yet to have a better feeling in life than helping someone by being kind - the type of kindness that nobody else has sown them in a very long time and taking out the first bag of rubbish on the start of the journey ... whenever they are ready.

The name is Habitat Joy - "Habitat" for obvious reasons and "Joy" because everyone has a different version of their joy. Some people want a minimalist look for their joy, and some people find joy in having all of their belongings around them. I want to help these people experience their joy in a way that is safe. I have found the world that I want to help and be a part of.

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